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Always increasing user demands for comfort prompt investors to focus mainly on providing the most comfortable living with low operation costs. To achieve this goal, the developers came with an idea of a smart home.

Smart home is equipped with modern technology, fulfilling investor’s convenience and security requirements. It connects technologies and most of all, offers a unique and effective control designed specifically for each home and its users.

Stavcomp s.r.o. services cover smart home designs, planning, shipping, installation, and post-installation customer service.

We Design - Projects - Implement
Complex intelligent buildings solutions
  • lightings
  • blinds
  • heating and cooling
  • security system
  • area access control
  • irrigation systems
  • opening and closing doors and gates
  • automatic closing of water and gas
  • boiler room regulation
  • electroinstalation for pools
  • electroinstalation wellness
  • complete realisation of electroinstalation
  • monitoring of energy consuption
Security system
  • alarm system
  • electroing fire system
  • fire alarm
  • closed circuit television
  • camera system
  • attendance and access system
  • infrared barries
  • electroinc security system
Voice and data communication systems (audio / video door phone)
  • for house
  • apartment buildings
  • autonomous access systems

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Our relationship with clients is built on mutual trust, therefore we provide consulting services immediately upon first meeting. Consulting with our clients helps them familiarize themselves with a wide range of existing technologies and possible solutions, as well as with a better understanding of the discussed issue.

Furthermore, we provide our clients with the already acquired feedback from the previous projects to create a more accurate picture of the way certain technologies are used in practice.

Once the consultation takes place, we try to define the client’s requirements in detail. Based on that, we put together preliminary drafts, studies and budgets in a very short time to help our client choose the most suitable technical solution.

With the right choice of a smart system, the client’s level of comfort increases together with a new technical environment.

Your comfortable and smart housing
  • Savings

    Think economically, be thrifty

  • Security

    Travel without fear, sleep calmly

  • Comfort

    Get time for yourself and have the pleasure of living


With the highest level of intelligence, the devices not only increase user’s comfort and safety but also intercommunicate, should a new situation arise, and offer an innovative way of remote control via cell phone or internet.

The home automatization also helps with overall economic efficiency, since it controls various household devices, such as lights, heating, air conditioning, blinds, security systems, AV equipment, garden irrigation, gates, etc.

The devices react to weather conditions automatically (e.g. direct sunlight, strong wind, rain) and set the house conditions to ensure the maximum comfort and energy saving.

You will no longer forget to turn off the lights in your closet or garage. You don’t need to remember if you locked your garage anymore either. The smart unit simulates movement in the area while you are away, controls and regulates the heating or the AC, and starts them before your arrival, so once you come back, your home would have a pleasant room temperature precisely as you set it.

Do you need to get up early in the morning? Turn on the coffee machine, fill in the tub or get the swimming pool ready for the day? That’s not a problem anymore! A smart home takes care of all of it. It saves money, time and offers unbelievably comfortable living. Imagination has no limits!

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The less you want to deal with during the installation, the sooner you need to start the preparation of the smart system design.

The idea of an investor – what is expected of their smart home – is essential in order to determine what devices require control and how comfortably do they want to control them (whether particular devices should be interconnected by the smart system, or if it is enough to use a simpler, decentralized way of control).

Each project is unique in its final stage, designed to fit the users lifestyle. Technology suppliers must consult and reconcile the investor’s requirements, and reach a mutual agreement on the best solution. That should prevent any unnecessary mishaps from happening during installation (i.e. missing control cables, utility crossing, etc.).

It is suggested to prepare “a tech room” (usually 8m2 in size) designed specifically for storing technical and control systems (i.e. heating, electronics, camera system, security system, control panels, etc.).